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  Terry Martin - graphic designer and fine artist

Terry 2nd place


Infinity Designs

  After graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design, I married a native sailor and electrician, had 2 wonderful children and made Sarasota my home.

   I started my own business, Infinity Designs, an innovative graphic design company, providing logos, collateral materials and illustrations for developers; medical and business professionals. Clients inciude locations in Florida, Bahamas and Antilles.

Email: or call 941-373-9797.


Painting has been a family tradition
   At the age of 10, little did I know that my first subject matter, a ballerina, was reminiscent of the work of my legendary ancestor, French Impressionist, Edgar Degas.

   His masterpieces captured an impressionistic view of ballet dancers and the ordinary life around him. Degas is my great, great, grand uncle. For more information on our family history please visit:


Watercolors have always been a passion of mine

   From a Rosette Spoonbill affectionately playing with a young one, to an American Egret guarding her babies in the nest, I combine lights and shadows woven within the
spontaneous moments of nature.

   Collectors range from the General Electric Corporation; the acclaimed pianists, Ferrante & Teicher to many wonderful people who just enjoy art. For 5 years, my paintings have sold in the international juried show, The Florida Wildlife & Western Art Expo in Orlando,

Lakeland and Sarasota, Florida.

   To view my fine art portfolio please visit:


Infinity Designs & Gallery is located at 1938 Adams Lane, Suite 206, Sarasota, Florida in the historic Towles Court District.

   Towles Court Is a beautiful village of local artists and designers, antique shops and unique caf├ęs housed in colorful 1900s' bungalows. Every 3rd Friday of the month from 6:30 9:30 p.m., Towles Court hosts an Art Walk. Enjoy a wonderful night of music, wine and an array of exceptional galleries and shops to explore.


Received 2nd place in the juried show "Eye-4-Art" in Sarasota, FL.


Please visit my gallery and design studio in Towles Court, 1938 Adams Lane,

Suite 206, Sarasota, FL.

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